Covid guidelines

These guidelines are to make sure that we all stay safe and I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed or worried. If you have any concerns or worries please do get in touch.


-       If possible, can I ask that you pay for classes by bank transfer as handling cash isn’t the safest at the moment. Of course, you can still pay in cash/cheque if you still need to.

-       Bank details: sort code: 116267  Account number: 00081131


-       Please don’t arrive at class more than 10 mins early so we avoid congregating in corridors and in the hall or entering a building before I arrive.

-       Please arrive in yoga clothes rather than changing in the building.

-       Use hand sanitiser when you arrive and again when you leave (and using when using bathrooms). I will provide this but please feel free to bring your own.

-       I will help you position your mats so everyone is facing the front and there is 1m-2m space between everyone (unless from same household). When we have done this the first time you’ll then know where to place your mat for the rest of the block.

-       Please respect other people’s space when entering/leaving buildings. I will be teaching at a safe distance from you and I may be wearing a face shield. We aren’t required to wear facemasks/coverings but please feel free to do so if you wish. You will also be expected to wear a facemask in other parts of the buildings.

During class

-       Make sure you have all your own equipment as I cannot provide anything. This should be cleaned /sanitised after every class.

-       Rooms have to be well ventilated so windows and doors will be opening and we will have no air-conditioning. So please wear layers, socks and bring blankets.

     You are not expected to wear a mask during class, unless you would like to. However, you may be asked to wear a mask if walking around the rest of the building/toilet.

Additional information

-       Can you please make sure I have up to date phone numbers for you, as I need them for track and trace.

-       If anyone or anyone in your household is ill or shows symptoms of covid then please do not come to class. If you test positive you have to inform track and trace and myself ASAP as the class may have to self-isolate for 14 days.



Once we are back we will easily slip back into a routine and we will have a space to relax and escape from the craziness. Please do not worry. Any issues or questions please contact me.